Medical Device Attachment

Hi Tech Products developed and currently manufactures/fabricates catheter securement devices for several internationally recognized companies.
Hi Tech has the only proven extended wear adhesive that will adhere to the skin for up to 14 days.
Hi Tech has extensive experience in the component manufacturing/fabricating of vitals signs sensors.
Hi Tech can manufacture/ fabricate/pouch complex IV dressings in-line in a clean room environment.
Hi Tech is a leading manufacturer/fabricator of securement pads for glucose monitoring devices. We develop patches that meet the performance requirements for secure attachment and extended wear time.
Hi Tech has developed products with proprietary adhesive technologies for negative pressure dressings. We can meet performance requirements such as sealing and secure device attachment /removal without causing trauma to the delicate peri wound area.
Hi Tech’s experience with an extensive range of special materials and adhesives establishes us as experts in manufacturing custom cannula.
Hi Tech offers a wide range of comfortable, elastic, light blocking materials specifically designed for fabricating pulse Oximetry devices.
Wound care, ostomy, and securement devices can be converted/die cut in our Buena Park cleanroom and assembled and packaged in our Tijuana, Mexico clean room.
Hydrogels can be converted into any size or shape, multilayer laminated and in-line heat seal pouched.
Hi Tech can convert, assemble, and package any type of sensing electrode.
Any type of Nasal dilator can be converted and cold-seal packaged in-line.

Wound-Care / Ostomy

Hydrocolloid dressings are for wounds exhibiting light to medium exudation. They can be converted to any size with or without tapered edges and packaged in-line.
These are for wounds exhibiting medium to heavy exudation. Servo driven presses enable us to island place foam onto the hydrocolloid without creating scrap.
These are repositionable and easy to remove. Hi Tech can produce any size, with or without active ingredients.
These are for wounds exhibiting heavy exudation. Repositionable and easy to remove; they can be produced with foam or other types of absorbent wound care substrates.
These are made with a wide variety of polyurethane films, cut and packaged in-line per customer requirements.
For dry wounds or burns. Can be cut to any size and packaged in-line into a moisture vapor barrier pouch.
Any dressing where an absorbent material is automatically island placed onto an adhesive substrate. Our servo rotary presses can cut to any size and package in-line without scrap.
Can be produced with polyurethane film or a custom formulated hydrocolloid that seals, absorbs, and allows for easy removal. These dressings can be cut to any size and shape, and economically assembled/packaged in our Tijuana maquiladora.
For highly exudating wounds: can be infused with active ingredients, converted to any size, island placed onto adhesive substrates, packaged in-line.
Highly breathable and conformable: Hi Tech stocks a wide variety of polyurethane high MVTR films: they can be converted to any shape and size and packaged in-line.
For highly exudating wounds. Hi Tech can island place any type of polyurethane foam on a wide variety of adhesive substrates and package in-line.
Hi Tech produces a wide verity of hydrocolloid discs and closure components.
These are absorbent adhesive attachment pads for ostomy bags. Hi Tech offers hydrocolloids with a wide range of adhesion applications ranging one to seven days.
These devices decreases the time it takes for a wound to heal and minimizes scaring. Hi Tech offers a variety of substrates including high tack hydrocolloid. Closure and ancillary device components can be assembled and packaged at our Tijuana facility.

Patient Monitoring and Specialty Electrodes

Are any type of electrode typically used to monitor vital signs. Hi Tech can die cut manufacture the conductive layers and assembly/package many types of electrodes.
These are typically for stimulating muscles for pain management physical therapy. Hi Tech stocks and converts a wide variety of materials used to produce components for all types of stimulation electrodes. Assembly and packaging may be done at our Tijuana facility.
Also known as smart patches and typically used to continuously monitor vital signs that can be recorded or sent wirelessly. Hi Tech Products has a custom formulated high tack hydrocolloid that is the only adhesive that can bond a device to the skin for up to two weeks.
Electroencephalograph electrodes are used as a noninvasive way to monitor brainwave activity. Hi Tech stocks a wide verity of hydrogels and conductive silver materials.
Electrocardiogram electrodes are used to monitor heart rhythm. Hi Tech die cuts and laminates a wide range of substrates used to produce EKG electrodes components.
Are used in applications to maximize patients mobility/comfort. Hi Tech converts and assembles components utilized to produce wireless sensor devices.
Is any type of sensor that transmits temperature. Hi Tech stocks an array of standard and custom materials typically used to produce temperature monitoring components
Sensors used to monitor a patients temperature. Hi Tech manufactures temperature probe covers and stocks specialized films to reflect radiant heat while combining them with hydrogels or hydrocolloids for dermal fastening.
Used to deliver a dose of electric current to reestablish a normal heart rhythm. Hi Tech laminates and die cuts conductive materials; components can be assembled and packaged in moisture vapor barrier pouches.
Electrodes that are used to ground/protect the patient from electric shock during medical procedures. Hi Tech stocks a wide range of hydrogels and conductive materials used to produce grounding pads.
Electronically enhanced delivery system for transdermal medication. Hi Tech offers a large variety of non-woven/breathable materials as components to produce iontophoresis patches.
Measurement of oxygen saturation level in the blood. Hi Tech stocks woven elastic materials that can be converted to any size or shape for finger wrap sensors.

Diagnostic Components

Laminating and die cutting of materials to adhesive backed substrates. Strips can be manufactured individually or in continuous rolls.
Converting of diagnostic grade materials takes place in certified humidity controlled clean rooms. Wicking pads, conjugate pad and nitrocellulose membrane can be die cut, slit, and laminated per customer specification.
Hi Tech has a family of adhesives specifically engineered for diagnostic application. Our HT-187 is a high quality low cost adhesive commonly used to produce lateral flow test strips. Our diagnostic adhesive systems can be die cut and laminated per tight tolerances specifications.
Hi Tech stocks polystyrene, vinyl, & polyester films that can be laminated to any of our diagnostic adhesive systems, fabrication takes place in humidity controlled clean rooms.
Using custom built equipment we can slit delicate filter materials to narrow width and hold tight tolerances to +/- 003”. We can laminate adhesive to customers pre-treated material in a humidity controlled certified clean room.
Aluminum foil, polyester, and polyurethane film can be laminated and die cut per customer specifications.
Narrow channels can be die cut to tight tolerance requirements in certified clean rooms.

Drug Delivery

Proprietary chemistry can be dispensed inline or pre-treaded substrates can be laminated to high MVTR films, processed in class 100,000 clean rooms and heat seal pouched in-line...
Electronically enhanced drug delivery patch that is a non invasive alternative for an injection. Hi Tech can dispense chemistry, place battery, laminate and pouch in line. Small quantity prototypes can be hand assembled in our Tijuana Mexico facility.
Cannabis oils can be dispensed in-line and combined with laminated/die cut adhesive patch.

No matter what your medical die cutting or medical device assembly application requires, Hi Tech’s team of experts and state of the art machines are ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact Us today for precision products with competitive pricing.