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Diagnostic Components

Diagnostic Components

Hi-Tech can laminate materials to adhesive backed substrates and die cut inline. Lateral flow test strips can be manufactured individually or in continuous rolls.

  • Lateral flow test strips
  • Lateral flow test strips manufacturing
  • Rapid lateral flow test strips manufacturing
  • Diagnostic test strips

Converting of diagnostic grade materials takes place in certified humidity controlled clean rooms. Wicking pads, conjugate pad and nitrocellulose membrane can be die cut, slit, and laminated per customer specification.

  • Test strip components
  • Diagnostic test strip components
  • Glucose test strip components
  • Urine test strip components
  • Diagnostic test strips

Hi Tech has a family of adhesives specifically engineered for diagnostic applications. Our HT-187 is a high quality, low-cost adhesive commonly used to produce lateral flow test strips. Our diagnostic adhesive systems can be die-cut and laminated per tight tolerance specifications.

  • Low outgassing adhesives
  • Ultra thin adhesive film
Hi Tech stocks polystyrene, vinyl, and polyester films that can be laminated to any of our diagnostic adhesive systems, fabrication takes place in humidity controlled clean rooms.

Using custom built equipment we can slit delicate filter materials to narrow width and hold tight tolerances to +/- 003”. We can laminate adhesive to customers pre-treated material in a humidity controlled certified clean room.

  • Medical filter material
  • Medical grade filter material

Aluminum foil, polyester, and polyurethane film with adhesive can be laminated, die cut, and packaged per customer specifications in certified clean rooms.

  • Microtiter plate breathable seal
  • Microtiter plate seal
  • Microtiter plate sealing film
  • Microtiter plate sealing tape

Capillary flow channels can be die cut or laser cut to tight tolerance requirements in certified clean rooms.

  • Microfluidic components
  • Capillary flow channels

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