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Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery Patch

Proprietary chemistry can be dispensed inline or pre-treated substrates can be laminated to high MVTR films, processed in class 100,000 clean rooms and heat seal pouched in-line.

  • Transdermal vitamin patches
  • Transdermal drug delivery patches
  • Medical adhesive patches and transdermal absorption
  • Transdermal pain patches
  • Backing membrane transdermal patch
  • Transdermal patch delivery system
Electronically enhanced drug delivery patch that is a non-invasive alternative for an injection. Hi-Tech can laminate, die cut, print, and pouch in-line.

Drug Delivery Patch Die Cutting and Medical Adhesive Patches

Drug delivery patches are converted in certified cleanrooms. Hi-Tech Products offers advanced die cutting capabilities and manufactures all types of medical adhesive patches. Hi-Tech Products can laminate, die cut, print, and pouch in-line a variety of drug delivery patches with proprietary chemistry or pre-treated substrates. If conventional adhesives fail to perform for your unique application, hydrocolloid may be the answer. Hydrocolloid is an effective adhesive for pain patches, drug delivery, and delivering other active ingredients. Find more information about hydrocolloid adhesives at amparomedical.com

Hi-Tech provides expert guidance from prototype through clinical trials to final production parts as well as OQ / PQ validation. Hi-Tech Product’s quality management systems are ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our GMP facilities are FDA registered.

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Hi-Tech Products offers a wide variety drug delivery patches.


drug delivery patch

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