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CGM Patches

CGM patches and CGM patch covers manufactured for any continuous glucose sensor

Hi Tech is a leading manufacturer/fabricator of securement pads for glucose monitoring devices. We manufacture CGM patches and CGM patch covers that meet the performance requirements for secure attachment and extended wear time.

  • Blood Glucose Sensor Patch Cover
  • Glucose Sensor Patches
  • Glucose Sensor Design
  • 14 – 20 Day Glucose Sensor Wear Time
  • Glucose Electrochemical Sensor Patches

CGM patch and CGM patch cover manufacturing performed in certified clean rooms.

Hi-Tech’s Factories in the US and Mexico provide American engineered quality at offshore pricing.
Hi-Tech is FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Download certificates:

hi-tech-products.com/certificates/Certificate-Hi-Tech Products-ISO 9001-2015.pdf
hi-tech-products.com/certificates/Certificate-Hi-Tech Products-ISO 13485-2016.pdf

cgm patch covers

We recommend medical grade hydrocolloid adhesive custom formulated by Amparo Medical Technologies. Hydrocolloid adhesive sticks well and removes easily, is non-skin sensitizing, and can attach CGM patches and CGM patch covers to the skin for up to 20 days.
See more at Amaparomedical.com about custom formulated hydrocolloid.

Medical Device Die Cutting and Contract Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Products offers many types of medical device die cutting and cleanroom converting processes in certified cleanrooms. Hi-Tech Products has extensive experience with medical device manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. We manufacture all types of medical devices including wound care, diagnostic, microfluidics, and the latest in wearable sensor technologies. 

Hi-Tech Products provides expert guidance from prototype through clinical trials to final production parts as well as OQ / PQ validation. Hi-Tech Product’s quality management systems are ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our GMP facilities are FDA registered.

Hi-Tech Products also offers die cutting manufacturing for many additional applications including; wound care, ostomy, patient monitoring, specialty electrodes, drug delivery, and diagnostic components.


CGM patch cleanroom rotary die cutting

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