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Ostomy Products Die Cutting

Ostomy Products Die Cutting

Ostomy Products Contract Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Products offers ostomy products die cutting and cleanroom converting processes in certified cleanrooms. We are contract manufactures of all types of die cut ostomy products including hydrocolloid ostomy wafers, ostomy seals, ostomy seal rings, ostomy barrier seals, and ostomy wafers for sensitive skin.

Hi-Tech provides expert guidance from prototype through clinical trials to final production parts as well as OQ / PQ validation. Hi-Tech Product’s quality management systems are ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our GMP facilities are FDA registered.

Hi-Tech Products offers clean room ostomy products die cutting and contract manufacturing for these applications.

  • Ostomy Components Manufacturing. Hi- Tech Products produces a wide variety of hydrocolloid discs and closure components.
    • Ostomy components
    • Hydrocolloid ostomy wafers
    • Ostomy wafers for sensitive skin
    • Ostomy bags
    • Extended wear ostomy bags
    • Stoma caps
    • Moldable strips and rings
  • Hydrocolloid Ostomy Wafers Die Cutting and Manufacturing. Absorbent adhesive attachment pads for ostomy bags. Hi Tech offers hydrocolloids with a wide range of adhesion applications ranging one to seven days.
    • Hydrocolloid ostomy wafers
    • Ostomy wafers for sensitive skin
    • Ostomy seals
    • Ostomy seal rings
    • Ostomy barrier seal

Hi-Tech Products Offers Custom Formulated Hydrocolloid Adhesives

Hydrocolloid has a unique ability to seal and secure ostomy appliances to manage effluence, while also being gentle against tender peristomal skin after constant and repeated application to the same location.

Benefits of ostomy products manufacturing utilizing custom formulated hydrocolloid.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Forms an occlusive barrier
  • Non-skin sensitizing
  • Conformable for a better seal on uneven skin
  • Provides a secure attachment of the ostomy appliance to the peristomal skin
  • Sticks well & removes easily for repetitive application to the same location
  • High tack formulas for extended wear options
  • RF & Heat weldable
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