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Patient Monitoring and Specialty Electrodes

Patient Monitoring and Specialty Electrodes

Any type of electrode typically used to monitor vital signs. Hi-Tech is a wearable device manufacturer. We can die cut and laminate conductive layers and assemble / package electrodes at our Tijuana, Mexico facility.

  • Remote patient monitoring devices
  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Medical Sensing Electrode

Electrical stimulation electrodes are typically for stimulating muscles for pain management physical therapy. Hi Tech stocks and converts a wide variety of materials used to produce components for all types of stimulation electrodes. Assembly and packaging may be done at our Tijuana facility.

  • Electrical stimulation electrodes
  • Electrodes for electrical stimulation
  • EMSI electrical stimulation electrodes
  • EMSI electrode pads
  • Nerve stimulation electrodes
  • Physical therapy stimulation electrodes

Extended wear electrodes / wireless vital sign sensors are also known as smart patches and typically used to continuously monitor vital signs that can be recorded or sent wirelessly. Hi-Tech Products has a custom formulated high tack hydrocolloid that is the only adhesive that can bond a device to the skin for up to two weeks.

  • Electrode systems for continuous monitoring
  • Irhythm zio patch
  • Wireless vital signs sensors
  • Wireless vital signs monitoring devices

Electroencephalograph electrodes or EEG electrodes are used as a noninvasive way to monitor brainwave activity. Hi Tech stocks a wide variety of hydrogels and conductive silver materials.

  • Adhesive EEG electrode
  • Silver EEG electrodes
  • Electrodes used in EEG

Electrocardiogram electrodes are used to monitor heart rhythm. Hi Tech die cuts and laminates a wide range of substrates used to produce EKG electrodes components.

  • EKG electrodes
  • Sensing electrodes

Any type of sensor that transmits temperature. Hi-Tech stocks an array of standard and custom materials typically used to produce temperature monitoring components.

  • Neonatal temperature probe
  • Neonatal temperature probe covers
  • Wireless temperature monitoring sensors
  • Hydrocolloid temperature probes
  • Hydrogel temperature probes

Hi Tech manufactures temperature probe covers and stocks specialized films to reflect radiant heat while combining them with hydrogels or hydrocolloids for dermal fastening.

  • Neonatal temperature probe covers
  • Hydrogel temperature probe covers
  • Hydrocolloid temperature probe covers

Delivers a dose of electric current to reestablish a normal heart rhythm. Hi Tech laminates and die cuts conductive materials; components can be assembled and packaged in moisture vapor barrier pouches.

  • Pediatric defibrillator pads
  • Neonatal defibrillator pads
  • Pacemaker defibrillator pads
  • Adhesive defibrillation pads

Electrodes that are used to ground/protect the patient from electric shock during medical procedures. Hi Tech stocks a wide range of hydrogels and conductive materials used to produce grounding pads.

  • Medical grounding pads
  • Adhesive grounding pads
  • Hydrogel grounding pads

Electronically enhanced delivery system for transdermal medication. Hi Tech offers a large variety of non-woven/breathable materials as components to produce iontophoresis patches.

  • Iontophoresis Device
  • Iontophoresis Device electrode
  • Iontophoresis electrodes

Other Medical Die Cutting Applications