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    Every type of medical device converting process, in certified cleanrooms, under one roof.

    Medical die cutting, cleanroom converting, and medical device converting is performed in certified cleanrooms in both the USA and Mexico. Medical device assembly and packaging is performed in our Tijuana Mexico facility with American engineered quality–offering the benefit of offshore pricing without the threat of technology theft.

    Medical Die Cutting Capabilities

    Clean Room Rotary Die Cutting

    Multi Layer Laminations

    Electronically Registered Island Placement

    Inline Heat Sealing and Cold Seal Pouching

    Slitting, Sheeting, and Rewinding

    Medical Device Assembly and Packaging in Mexico

    Silkscreen and Pad Printing

    Corona Treating of Medical Grade Materials

    Medical RF Welding

    Class A Die Cutting

    Perforating and scoring

    R&D Prototyping

    Laser Cutting

    Clean Room Converting Services & Cleanroom Die Cutting

    Inline Lot, Barcode, and UDI Printing

    Flexographic Printing

    Die Cut Parts for Automation Assembly

    Kiss Cutting

    Flatbed Die Cutting

    Sheeting and Laminating

    Hi-Tech Products is highly responsive to your cleanroom rotary die cutting needs.

    Equipped with over 30 rotary presses in the US and Mexico, Hi Tech Products is the leading medical grade materials rotary and flatbed die cutter. Hi Tech’s state of the art servo driven presses are capable of electronic registration and in-line heat seal pouching, which produce parts to extremely tight tolerances and minimize or eliminate scrap.

    In addition, Hi Tech’s presses have the capacity to do flexographic and inkjet inline printing, as well as sequential numbering. Electronic registration enables registration to pre-printed substrates.

    Hi Tech has custom built several one-of-kind rotary die cutting presses for demanding applications unachievable with conventional presses. Labor intense flatbed die cutting is performed at our Tijuana, Mexico facility. We have several types of flat die cutting presses capable of cutting of materials several inches thick and production of parts up to 10 ft x 10ft.

    Both factories are FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016  and  ISO 9001:2015  certified. Medical device assembly and packaging is done in our Tijuana Mexico facility with American engineered quality–offering the benefit of offshore pricing in class 100,000 clean rooms.

    We can multi layer laminate up to thirteen substrates utilizing pressure sensitive and heat laminating equipment. We have extensive slitting, sheeting, and rewinding capabilities.

    Tight tolerance slitting includes shear, score, razor, lathe and rewind. Precision tension control is necessary for converting delicate and stretchy materials.

    Printing capabilities include flexographic, silkscreen and pad printing. Corona treated material allows for better adhesion and print quality. Class A die cutting and laser cutting is done in a controlled environment.

    Contact us today–Hi Tech Products has all the medical device die cutting and assembly capabilities you need to ensure you receive a precision product every time.